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Myth: First Meeting Was a Blowout

I know I'm largely preaching to the choir on this site, but we do need to set something straight. The Colts did pull their starters with a lead back in Week 16. That's a fact. Let's just stop acting like the Jets didn't belong on the same field or had no chance to win the game.

The score was 15-10 when starters exited for Indianapolis. Let's think that through. The difference was less than a touchdown. Also think about how the Jets' defense hung with Indy's offense. The Colts only scored 15 points in two and a half quarters. That's pretty good against the best quarterback in football.

Consider something else. 6 of those 15 points were scored on a drive where the Jets made a fourth down stop. Bart Scott got a personal foul called on him to extend it. Take away that error, and the Jets held the Colts to 9 points in those three and a half quarters.

That's not to predict anything on Sunday. For all we know the Colts will have a big day offensively. I just want to point out that the Jets more than held their own in the first game. An Indianapolis victory would have been far from a formality had their starters played all the way.