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Steve Weatherford Questionable

Punter Steve Weatherford is nursing an injury and might not be ready to go Sunday.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said Friday that Steve Weatherford "did something with his right hamstring" in practice and is questionable for the Jets' do-or-die game against the Bengals tomorrow night.

"We'll see how he is," Ryan said. "We'll work some guys out (today) just to make sure we have a plan if he can't go. If something would happen to Steve during the game, then (kicker) Jay Feely would be our backup punter."

Ryan said Weatherford will probably be a game-time decision.

"That's the good thing about playing the late game, it give Steve a longer time to heal," Ryan said. "We'll see how he feels."

A.J. Trapasso and Glenn Pakulak, two punters the Jets tried out during training camp, are both available free agents.

I think the Jets need to sign a new punter for this game as insurance. Even if Weatherford can go, it's going to be a cold night. He may reinjure himself. This position is way too important to risk using a guy who isn't used to punting. Fortunately, the Jets have plenty of numbers since they went through like 10 punters in the offseason.