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Stadium Scouting Report

I have a link for any brave souls venturing to Indianapolis to watch our Jets try and win the Lamar Hunt Trophy this weekend.

In my experiences traveling around the United States and watching sporting events live, I’ve been consistently blown away by the increasing level of quality and sheer "wow" factor of the newer venues that have been built.  Lucas Oil Stadium is one of the finest examples of this trend.  The city has done an admirable job of building an arena that connects with the city’s history, features the newest modern conveniences, has good sight lines (we sat in one of the top rows and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves),  is located in a downtown area full of choice restaurants, and will prove comfortable to the fans who attend in any weather scenario.  I highly recommend a visit to Lucas Oil Stadium when your travels take you through the Midwest; there can’t be many finer places to watch Peyton Manning work his magic.

It may be a nice venue, but it's going to be a rough time for anybody out there in green and white this weekend. My hat is off to anybody who goes to a Playoff road game. I'm not sure I'd ever do it. You're sure to take a lot of abuse, and you have tens of thousands of people screaming when the other guys make a big play, and you're miserable. Then again, it must be nice to hear a place go silent when something good happens for the Jets.

Anybody thinking of going?