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This Week's Flashbacks

This week you'll hear the media beat reflections of two games from the past into the ground. Save yourself the time, avoid newspapers, television, and radio, and just remember these two games of significance.

Game 1: In Week 16 of this season, the Jets beat the Colts. Indianapolis pulled its starters with a 15-10 lead halfway through the third quarter. It ended Indy's perfect season. Gang Green used it as a springboard to a surprising run to this week's AFC Championship Game.

Game 2: The last time the Jets and Colts met with a championship on the line was Super Bowl III. The Colts were heavy favorites then as they are now. Joe Namath guaranteed victory, and delivered as New York pulled a stunning 16-9 upset in one of the most significant games in pro football history. The Jets haven't been back to the Super Bowl since. Another win over the Colts will put them back for the first time in 41 years.