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Keller Looks to Indianapolis

Dustin Keller wants a chance validate their controversial December win at Indianapolis with a victory Sunday.

"I guess if they gave us that win, this just gives us a chance to make it more legitimate. I don't see them throwing starters out of this game, so I think we're gonna get a great opportunity," Keller said after Jets 17, Chargers 14. "Playing for the Super Bowl is enough motivation, but all the doubters saying that that game was given to us and all that, we definitely want to put those things to rest, also. I can't wait to get back and play in front of the hometown crowd."


"This is just another chance for us to prove that that game wasn't just given to us, that we were gonna win that game regardless," Keller said.

Someone asked Keller: It wasn't a phony win, then?"No, definitely not a phony win," Keller said. "We needed to get in the playoffs, and we did what we had to do to win, and we did."


I don't think many people without an agenda doubt the legitimacy of this team now, but it's good to see the Jets are still hungry. It's why the talk about why they should be favorites and the schedule including the victory parade make me feel good. In a lot of places, there might be a tendency to say something like, "We've won two road games. We have a rookie quarterback. It's been a great year. We'll try hard. Losing would stink, but we'll be back here next year." This team expects to win it all. A win over the Colts might make some more converts.