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Jets Jolt the Bolts, Will Face the Colts

The Jets are going to the AFC Championship Game for the first time since the 1998 season. That makes a pair of road wins for this team with a rookie coach and a rookie quarterback.

I'm sure the Francesa's of the world will say San Diego lost this game, and the Jets didn't win it. That's part of the reason I felt confident going in. The Chargers have a glass jaw. The second the Jets made a big play, San Diego melted down. Their quarterback started screaming at the officials after they made a proper call in favor of the Jets. They made a bunch of stupid penalties. Their kicker who is shaky in big spots was shaky in big spots. The lack of composure showed why I think Norv Turner is a bad coach who got lucky to fall into a situation with so much talent. The Jets on the other hand were composed and executed. I'm not sure they are a better team, but they were the best team on the field today.

There were a number of stars in this game. We will touch on them when the official recap goes up late tonight.

No matter what the naysayers say, the Jets are one of the last four teams playing. They'll be big underdogs next week against the Colts, but what else is new? This team that has overcome so much adversity will take the field in Indianapolis next week with a chance to score the franchise's biggest win since another championship game against a heavily favored Colts team.

More later. Celebrate below.