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New York Jets Run Defense vs. San Diego Chargers Run Offense

The Chargers run the ball poorly. San Diego only averages 3.3 per carry. I'm not sure it's a case of the offensive line. They do not have strong blockers at the position of fullback or tight end, Jacob Hester and Antonio Gates. However, the biggest problem might be that San Diego does not have the backs to run effectively. LaDainian Tomlinson has had a great career, but his production has dipped mightily over the past two years. How badly has he fallen? Only twice this year did he average at least 4 yards per carry in a game. Darren Sproles is a scary back, but he seems to be all or nothing as a runner. If he gets to the edge, watch out. If he doesn't, he's not the kind of guy who is going to get through tackles in the trenches. L.T. averaged 3.3 per carry, and Sproles was at 3.7.

The Jets gave up a lot on the ground to Cincinnati last week. That should not be the case this week. The Chargers do not have a back as effective as Cedric Benson. If the Chargers get things going on the ground, it's going to be a long day. Sione Pouha needs to redeem himself and play like he did during the regular season. San Diego's run game should not be a decisive factor.