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Mount Jackson vs. Revis Island

The Post takes a look at one of the key matchups Sunday.

Jackson not only hooked up with Philip Rivers for 68 catches, 1,167 yards and nine touchdowns this year, but he did all of that in 15 games, having sat out the Chargers' final contest. And the biggest thing about Jackson is his mammoth size. He goes 6-foot-5, 230 pounds -- he'll tower over the 5-foot-11 Revis.

Revis has faced big receivers this year -- and he has more than held his own. The Patriots' Randy Moss is 6-4, 210 pounds. The Texans' Andre Johnson is 6- 3, 225. Buffalo's Terrell Owens? He goes 6- 3, 224. And the Saints' Marques Colston is listed at 6-foot-4, 225.

Revis has starred all season for Gang Green, and the Defensive Player of the Year candidate then starred in his first career postseason game on Sunday.

Revis was called for a few penalties while guarding Cincinnati's Chad Ochocinco, but he held him to two catches for 28 yards. He also picked off a pass that led to a Jets touchdown.

Asked afterwards whether he'd rather play the Colts or Chargers, Revis said: "Doesn't matter. We can't predict that. Whoever they schedule us to play, we've gotta go play 'em."