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Opportunity for Jets Season Ticket Holders to Secure Tickets

GangGreen left Ohio as victors on Saturday, and it has been nothing short of a jovial 48 hours for Jets fans. Adding to that, now, is the possibility that there could be another game to be played at Giants Stadium!

With the sixth-seeded Ravens taking the Cheats to the woodshed, an interesting situation now arises --- if both the Jets and Ravens win next weekend, the AFC championship would be played at Giants Stadium on January 24, as the Jets are the 5-seed in the AFC.

The question I have, though, is what about the seats? A couple of raucous Jets fans that attended the finale at Giants Stadium left while hiding a folded-up seat in their jacket! For those of us that stayed around after the game, it was obvious that were were a couple of seats missing from the stadium! This makes it interesting.

Season ticket holders have until January 17 to use their status to secure tickets for the possible AFC Championship game. Any remaining tickets after that date will go on sale to the general public

Tickets can be purchased either over the phone (800-469-JETS) or online with a credit card (

Ticket Prices;

 301-308, 314-328, 334-340 $135
 309-313, 329-332 $150
 201-240 $235
 101-108, 114-128, 134-140 $150
 109-113, 129-133 $215

(Parking passes still remain at $20 apiece)

Chart via article.