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Mark Sanchez in the Cold

In the past two weeks, Mark Sanchez has gone 20 for 31 with 245 yards, a touchdown, and no interceptions against the league's sixth best pass defense in subfreezing temperatures. I know those numbers don't jump off the page, but that's incredible efficiency for a rookie in pressure games. Sure, he's been helped by a great running game that has opened play action wide open, but his throws have been right on the money. I can't think of any that were in danger of becoming interceptions.

This should put the worries about his ability to play cold weather to bed. I'm not going to say they were a myth. It was clear to anybody who watched the team earlier in the year cold seemed to get into his head. It was a cause for real concern. The Jets play a ton of bad weather games, and Mark grew up in sunny California. It's nice to see him get over the mental hurdle.

More than anything, we as fans like to see our young quarterback making progress, getting better as the year progresses. This is a really good sign.