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Brandon Marshall and Denver Broncos in Contract Negotiations

Perhaps Brandon Marshall'scareer in Denver isn't over.

Despite their stormy relationship, the Denver Broncos are now exploring the possibility of giving a contract extension to wide receiver Brandon Marshall, two league sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter on Wednesday.

The potential new deal would put Marshall's salary more in line with some of the game's other highly-paid receivers.

Due to the fact he has been unable to get a long-term deal, Marshall has been clinging to the hopes that Denver would deal him. But now, in a new approach, the deal Denver might make is not for Marshall, but rather with Marshall.

Bad news for the Jets any way you slice it. I wasn't as hot for Marshall as a lot of you, but it definitely dries up the market. Say Cleveland wants to deal Braylon Edwards. The Jets won't be able to play them off Denver to try and drive down the price. Less supply is bad for a buyer, economics 101.