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Mike Devito Gets Contract Extension

Just days before his first career start, Mike Devito got a contract extension from the Jets.

No word on the total value of the deal, but his 2009 base pay will remain the same $460,000. The base pay over the following three years, according to the NFLPA:

2010 -- $1.04 million.

2011 -- $1.475 million.

2012 -- $1.31 million.

It's a great lesson for kids about overcoming obstacles and working hard. From undrafted Maine rookie to NFL millionaire.

Devito could end up thriving in Rex Ryan's scheme. A two gap system like Eric Mangini ran really wasn't his thing. Mike's best splitting doubles and penetrating, not holding the point of attack. We'll find out this Sunday, but this has to make you feel good. The team doesn't make this move unless Devito is really impressing.