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Gang Green Nation Turns One

A year ago tonight, SB Nation launched Gang Green Nation. What a year it's been for the Jets and their fans.

I'd just like to take a moment to thank everybody who helped this blog get off the ground and has offered it support over the past year. It would take too long to name everybody. A few who come to mind are SB Nation's founder, Tyler Bleszinski, our CEO, Jim Bankoff (who is also a Jets fan), the head honcho of NFL blogs, Dave Halprin, Jerry Wilson, a great friend and SB Nation's former NASCAR blogger who recommended me for the job, our tech team, everybody I've forgotten, and of course all of our loyal readers who make the site. This isn't my blog. It's yours. Just know I appreciate everybody who has been here over the past year from the bottom of my heart.

I'm thrilled how quickly we've grown. We're now doing triple the traffic in one day that we did in a month at the start. Here's to growing even more in year two and continuing to provide great Jets coverage.