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Kerry Rhodes' Big News: An Airline Partnership

That big news Kerry Rhodes has been tweeting about since Sunday? Apparently it's that the Jets have reached a partnership with JetBlue Airlines.

As the Official Airline Partner of the New York Jets, JetBlue’s sponsorship includes joint marketing promotions and advertising through 2012. Featured elements include a JetBlue runway and seat display as well as in-stadium signage and videoboard features at both the team’s current stadium and the New Meadowlands Stadium.

Other elements include social media and interactive fan engagement activities, such as entitlement of the "Randy's Radar" blog, e-mail marketing, special JetBlue fares to away games, and activities with the New York Jets Flight Crew. In addition, JetBlue will partner with the Jets for special events throughout the year at the airline’s Terminal 5 at JFK. JetBlue has also committed to supporting the Jets Foundation and associated programs throughout the New York metropolitan area as part of this partnership.

This is indeed very cool with many perks for Jets fans. I'm sure a lot of you are upset with Kerry because you thought the big news was a Brandon Marshall trade. Rhodes did drop a few false hints, but at the end of the day, that was speculation we created. A lot of people wanted it so bad that they just assumed with no reason. We got it wrong. It's not really fair to get upset with the star safety.