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Peter King: O'Connell's Going Nowhere

Peter King says the Jets aren't trading Kevin O'Connell.

No, the Jets did not get Kevin O'Connell just to trade him right away. They had O'Connell as a top-75 guy on their draft board in '08, wanted to pick him, and when they saw last week that they could get him for a seventh-round pick, it affected their final 53. They'll keep four quarterbacks and develop O'Connell and Erik Ainge and, they hope, deal one of them or Kellen Clemens for a pick before the draft next year.

I'm not sure I see the wisdom in keeping four quarterbacks. It was different a year ago. Then Brett Favre was the starter, and the picture was unclear in 2009. There were three promising youngsters. Keeping the extra guy meant the Jets needed one out of three to be a gem instead of one out of two.

Now the Jets have a clear franchise starter. What's the point of having four quarterbacks, especially when it's clear the team doesn't think much of one of them, Kellen Clemens? Something doesn't add up. How many teams end up actually needing three backup quarterbacks?

King's got great sources, but I'm not sure about this one. He makes a pretty critical mistake in his analysis. The Jets won't be able to trade Kellen Clemens in the offseason. He'll be a free agent.