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Kerry Rhodes Also Leaves Nick Mangold and Jay Feely in Suspense

If Kerry Rhodes' tweets have left you wondering what's going on, you are not alone. Nick Mangold and Jay Feely can't get any information out of their teammate.

On Mangold's Twitter account:

@kerryrhodes your killing me and your loyal followers. Shoot me a text so I can know too!
Tho I have talked to @kerryrhodes I still know nothing real and have no details. I'm just as pumped to find out as the rest of you. G'night

Jay Feely is also in the dark:

I can't help all you Jets fans wanting info. I'm in the dark like you.

@nickmangold I had to text Kerry as well to find out, want validation

Mangold replied:

@jayfeely you should have never gotten involved......