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Danny Woodhead Among Four Released

A day after producing the feel good story of the year, the Jets undid it by cutting Danny Woodhead.

Danny Woodhead’s stay on the New York Jets’ active roster lasted 24 hours.

The small and shifty running back was waived Sunday, along with punter Reggie Hodges(notes), offensive tackle Mike Kracalik(notes) and linebacker Brandon Renkart(notes), a day after coach Rex Ryan got down to the 53-man roster limit.

I said it yesterday. I'll say it again. I want a playmaker instead of a blocker. What does fullback Jason Davis bring over Robert Turner or Wayne Hunter as a blocker? How often will the Jets even need a backup fullback with Tony Richardson in the fold? Couldn't they sign somebody off the street who would be just as capable if they ever needed another fullback? Woodhead is a great weapon, a gamebreaking threat. Imagine the headaches packages with he and Leon Washington on the field at the same time could have caused. It's tough to imagine Woodhead clearing waivers and making it to the practice squad. Some team starved for running back play will take a chance on a guy with his skill set. Maybe the Pats will grab him for revenge on Kevin O'Connell and perhaps pick Danny's brain on the Jets.

Why carry four quarterbacks? Why not release Kellen Clemens? Undoubtedly Kellen's a great guy, but they don't make that trade for O'Connell if they're convinced Kellen is the answer as a backup quarterback. It's not like Clemens has a load of trade value.

I don't get why Rex Ryan singled him out in praise yesterday only to do this.

I'm not exactly shedding the same kind of tears for Reggie Hodges, but I don't get how A.J. Trapasso has proven to be better than either Reggie or the other preseason competitors.

Puzzling stuff.