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Jehuu Caulcrick Released

Jehuu Caulcrick, the second fullback on the roster, was cut Saturday.

In a mild surprise, the Jets have waived FB Jehuu Caulcrick, according to a source.

That leaves Tony Richarson as the only fullback on the roster. I'm a bit surprised, but put in the perspective of the offense, it's not the most stunning thing ever. When the Jets used the fullback last season, it was usually just as a lead blocker, not a runner or receiver. If Richardson needs a rest, the newly signed Ben Hartsock or utility blockers Robert Turner and Wayne Hunter can step in.

Tough break for Caulcrick, but I know of a coach in Cleveland who was impressed by him last season and has an affinity for acquiring former Jets reserves. I don't think this is the last we have heard of Jehuu in the NFL.