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Danny Woodhead's Moment of Truth

With his back against the wall, Danny Woodhead had a monster preseason finale against the Eagles last night.

The Jets' backup running back out of tiny Chadron State in Nebraska rushed for 158 yards on 18 carries and scored on runs of 55 and three yards.

The second TD run gave the Jets a 31-24 lead in the third quarter, a lead they didn't relinquish.

It was the second-highest preseason single-game rushing total since 1992, when the NFL began recording preseason stats.

Is it enough to make the team? Sadly my guess is no. Woodhead's one of the easiest guys in the league to root for. How can you not want a Division II running back under 6'0" tall to succeed? It's a numbers game, though. The Jets have three quality running backs ahead of him on the depth chart, and Danny didn't do anything to stand out on special teams. Because of his size, he would probably only be able to help on returns, and the Jets have plenty of capable return men.

I really hope I'm wrong.