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Fox Sports PR: Jets Worse Than Record

So I usually don't pay too much attention to things like this, but I always check them just to see where people have us, and how they think we are doing, and along my trails this morning I came across the Fox Sports power rankings. Now I will admit that I don't usually read the fox sports website at all, in fact this is the first time I have visited the site in years, so regular readers will have to let me know if it is usually as bad as this is.

Jets 5th

WORSE THAN RECORD: Are the Jets a big tease, overrated and destined for a major fade? No. They will challenge for a playoff spot and the AFC East title. But Mark Sanchez will have a few rookie moments before he's through this season and the Jets still haven't faced any major road test ... until Week 4, that is. Tune in next week.

I expected to see the Jets 5th, or around there, I think that's just about right, but read the other rankings, the Eagles at 4th? I don't see it, we have had no road test, we went on the road to a team that was 12-4 over the past two years at home with a rookie QB making his first appearance and a HC coaching his first game. So you must think if the Eagles are ahead with a 2-1 record then they must of had a hell of a schedule. Road win at Carolina and a home win against the Chiefs and a home loss to the Saints.

Steelers 1-2 being above the 3-0 Vikings, the Patriots 2-1 being ahead of the Ravens and Vikings. It really is the most ridiculous list ever concocted.