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The Latest on Brandon Marshall: Denver Broncos Front Office Acts Ridiculously

There's a lot of news out there on the Brandon Marshall front.

First, the Broncos are apparently willing to accuse the Jets of tampering with Marshall.

After two weeks of hearing about the Jets' reported interest in disgruntled Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall, the Broncos apparently got fed up and dropped the "T" word - tampering.

The Broncos are monitoring the Jets' comments to gauge whether they are tampering with Marshall, ESPN reported Wednesday. Marshall, currently suspended for conduct detrimental to the team, wants out of Denver, but the Broncos say they have no intention of trading him.

No, I'm being serious. A Belichick disciple is making bogus accusations to drag the Jets through the mud. Shocking stuff here. Maybe there would be some validity if only the Jets had ever made a public remark. What? Now the Jets can be held responsible for the media speculating about a player? I'd love to hear the rationale behind these charges.

These charges are just a silly idea any way you slice it. Alienate a potential suitor before trade discussions even begin. Even if they don't want to trade Marshall now, the relationship certainly could deteriorate to the point where they do trade him in the near future. Even if McDaniels' Pats ties make him hate the Jets too much to consider trading with them, driving them out of discussions decreases demand, which gives him less leverage.

Denver insists David Harris would have to be the centerpiece of any trade.

The Denver Broncos would want New York Jets linebacker David Harris in any trade scenario for wide receiver Brandon Marshall, two NFL sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter on Wednesday.

I guess you can't blame the Broncos for asking for the moon, but that's a crazy demand. Marshall has a ton of baggage and is an enormous risk both in and out of the locker room. He's a lousy teammate, a problem child, and can't stop getting arrested. Harris is a star young player with zero risk. The Broncos can't be serious. A fair trade would involve Draft picks, risk for risk, not a sure thing for a roll of the dice.

Not surprisingly, the Jets have cooled in their interest.

And, sources have told The Post, they're not interested trading for the disgruntled receiver because the Broncos are asking too much in return

I wonder if this is how the Jets looked to the rest of the league when Eric Mangini was the head coach. Do the Broncos think they look strong by pulling stuff like this? That front office is running the team into the ground. Stuff like this on top of everything that's already happened there (swapping Jay Cutler for Kyle Orton) makes them look like amateurs.