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A Statistical Look at the Game

Our favorite statistical football blog breaks down Sunday's performance.

The Jets’ defense did an great job on the Titans’ offense, holding them below their average offensive output in just about every category. Most significantly, the Jets forced the Titans into 4 TOs, 2 INTs and 2 Fumbles Lost, both over 200% more than the Titans average. In total yards, rush yards, and passing yards, the Jets held the Titans about 10% below Tennessee’s averages for each category.

I think this is a great approach to breaking down the game. Football does not occur in a vacuum.There is an opponent on the field capable of executing. Taking a look at how the Titans did relative to their averages indicates just how effective the Jets were. In this case, it looks like the defense was extremely effective. Definitely give the rest of the post a look over. It's informative stuff.