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New York Jets Player Power Ranking Week Three (Post Titans)

Back again with the third week of the New York Jets player power ranking, if you would like to check out last weeks then here they are, After another great victory and moving to 3-0 it seems unfair to move anyone down, it wasn't the cleanest performance by the offence but it did what it had to do when it needed to do it, another good performance from the defence however, so here goes: (As always please feel free to leave comments with your own)

1- David Harris (Last Week Ranking: 6)

When you want a big play, turn to David Harris, the guy was made to come up with big plays. He didn't lead the team in tackles, but I saw him take on some important opposing players allowing others to come through and take the glory. He came through with a vital sack and then the interception which pretty much swung the momentum in our favour for good. He really is designing a great partnership with Bart Scott, Jets fans should be very excited by the prospect.

2- Mark Sanchez (Last Week Ranking: 2)

I know that he threw a interception and he fumbled the ball twice but he is a rookie QB who has led the team to a 3-0 start this season. He made some excellent throws in difficult conditions. The long pass to Cotchery was pin-point. Excellent release and precision on the TD catch to Cotchery. Made a rookie mistake with the first fumble holding the ball down by his leg, but he learns from these and to make mistakes and still come back and win. Metal.

3- Jerricho Cotchery (Last Week Ranking: 9)

I have not really been giving Cotchery any love so far this season, even though he is nearly averaging a 100 yards a game, so it's time that he took the step up this week. Some excellent catches in practise, had excellent concentration on the long catch and got his body in front for the TD catch. Many people questioned whether he would be able to be the number one on this team, well I think he is showing that he can go against the best and come out on top.

4- Jim Leonhard (Last Week Ranking: 10)

Not only for his work in the secondary but also for his work on special teams, a couple of times he took the punt and took it back for a good chunk and put us in excellent field position. His coverage skills are better than I thought they were going to be. Remember one play before the White TD where he came up and made the play behind the line. He did miss a couple of tackles but I thought overall his work and his special teams contribution warranted a high placement.

5- Darrelle Revis (Last Week Ranking: 1)

It seems almost cruel to drop Revis from this spot, he got beat on a crossing route, but he didn't have that big receiver to lock down this week. He is always going to give up a play here and there and he played well, his tackling has really come on over the past year. Did a great job wrapping up players that are a lot bigger and stronger than him. He didn't do anything wrong at all, he broke up a play in the first with a great times hand in the mix. Nothing wrong but nothing spectacular either.

6- Sean Ellis (Last Weeks Ranking: Was Not Ranked)

I thought Ellis did a great job today, holding the inside and covering the outside as well. He had the sack and only allowed Johnson to get outside a couple of times. Got a bit of push against a line that some describe as the best line in the NFL. He definitely has been a upgrade since coming back from his suspension. I think he had 4 tackles and a 0.5 sack. He took on some blockers allowing the linebackers to make plays.

7- Bart Scott (Last Weeks Ranking: 7)

Would of liked to have moved Scott up the list a little bit, he really set the tone of the game with that hit on Johnson on the first play for the Titans. Recognized the coverage and saw the gap and just exploded, can see his relationship with Harris developing in front of our very eyes. He does talk and he is not liked but he gets the job done. Anyone see him on the sideline really pumping the defence up, great player on and off the field.

8- Larry Izzo/Jason Trusnick (Last Weeks Ranking: Not Ranked)

What can you say about the special teams, like John said, Mike Westhoff should get the game ball today, his schemes worked and Trusnick really set us up with the hit the sack and then the recovery, that is about as good as you can get on a kick off coverage. Larry Izzo made a couple of nice plays but recovering the 2nd fumble was vital in the old momentum swing. With the offence not on form today we needed the special teams unit to step up and make a few plays and that's exactly what they did.

9- Eric Smith (Last Weeks Ranking: Not Ranked)

He did make the interception that was really important and I'm not sure if he was to blame for the big play to Crumpler. I thought that with a guy like that, one of the linebackers should of gone with him but some seemed to point the finger at Smith. Overall I thought he had a pretty good game.

10- Kris Jenkins (Last Weeks Ranking: Not Ranked)

Keeping Chris Johnson to less than 100 yards and out of the end zone has to be considered a successful day and it all starts in the middle. He didn't do anything spectacular, he didn't burst through like he has in the past he closed the gaps and made the Titans runners go from east to west which allowed us the time to shut them down on the outside. He constantly demands double teaming to just keep him from getting in the back field. For me he is one of the best FA signings in recent memory.


Again it has to be said that this was very hard to do, 3-0 and every player should be given a pat on the back.