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Tennessee Titans Fullback Does Some Talking

Ahmard Hall took some shots at Bart Scott yesterday:

"I don't like Bart; Bart don't like me. He knows that," Hall told The Tennessean. "We had a good battle last year and he knows what he is going to get from me. And I know what I am going to get from him. You're going to see us fighting all day. It is serious to me. I wouldn't fight the guy or nothing like that - unless he wanted to fight. I don't like the guy. He just runs his mouth all the time, even when he is not doing anything in the play."

Scott laughed off Hall's comments Friday. "That's fine," the linebacker said after practice. "I'll show up (tomorrow), he'll be there at 1, I will be there at 1 and we'll see what happens. I have played this guy two times in my career so. ... before last year I had no idea who the fullback was for the Tennessee Titans."

I think by this point we should realize how little talk means. It just adds to the fun of the game. What matters is what happens on the field. If this is the kind of thing that gets Hall motivated, more power to him.