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Five Questions With Music City Miracles

Jimmy from SB Nation's Titans blog, Music City Miracles stopped by for five questions.

1. Defense has been an issue so far for the Titans. Ben Roethisberger went off in the second half, and the Texans had a lot of success moving the ball. Lazy sportswriters who haven't seen a game are probably saying they really miss Albert Haynesworth. How accurate are they?

They are semi-accurate.  Jim Washburn, the Titans defensive line, admitted this week that he really misses Albert on 3rd down.  The biggest thing they miss from Albert is him collapsing the middle not allowing a quarterback to step up in the pocket.  The Titans still have pretty good edge rushers, but there isn't a force coming up the middle now.
That being said, the biggest problem this defense has faced so far is the secondary not playing their assignments.  They were supposed to be the strength of the defense, returning 3 guys that went to the Pro Bowl, but so far they have been disappointing.

2. How do the receivers compare to the corps the Titans had last season?

Well they were better from day 1 because Justin McCareins isn't back. 
Justin Gage is a solid guy.  Nate Washington and rookie Kenny Britt are upgrades over McCareins, so it is a better group, but they still aren't lighting the world on fire.

3. What is the biggest change in the Titans between the game last November and now?

Probably the way the team comes into this game.  Last year they were 10-0 and on top of the world.  This season they are 0-2 and have lost 5 out of their last 6 games.  Their backs are really against the wall this time.

4. If you're Rex Ryan and Brian Schottenheimer, how do you attack the Titans?

From an offensive stand point, I would run a lot of 3 step drops and get the ball out quick.  The Titans showed a huge vulnerability against that when these two teams played last season, and they haven't really proved they can stop it yet.
Defensively I would sell out to stop the run.  While I believe Collins can win a game where a team puts 9 in the box, there is obviously a much better chance for the Jets by putting it on his shoulders.

5. The Titans are 0-2 but arguably a pair of plays from being 2-0. Do you think this is a sign they're a good team with bad luck, or a team that can't finish games for a reason? 

Well I can't really call it bad luck because it hasn't been fluky stuff that has caused them to lose.  So far they have been a team that can't finish a game, but I think it is something they can get corrected going forward.