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SNY Preview

Michael Salfino previews the matchup against the Titans over at SNY:

The Titans have one great offensive weapon and, unlike the prior two opponents, it's not a wideout. So Darrelle Revis isn't going to be able to shut him down.

Last week, running back Chris Johnson had 284 yards from scrimmage and three long touchdowns. The numbers are more impressive than the actual performance. Johnson's first score was on a 3rd-and-19 draw on which Texans safety Dominque Barber took an angle right into the Titans tackle, whom he tried to submarine. Later Barber failed to line up on Johnson who was flanked out wide and gave up the easiest outside you'll see outside a Pee Wee League game. Johnson's third-quarter 91-yard TD run came on 3rd-and-11, and he was also untouched. This was more rotten defense than great offense. The Jets will not play rotten defense, I guarantee it.

But there's no denying Johnson's elite home run ability both as a runner and a receiver. Expect the Jets to handle him out of the backfield. Linebackers lock down on running backs in the Ryan defense; Brian Billick, whom Ryan coached under in Baltimore, said last week that New England wouldn't be able to screen against them for that reason.

In addition, the Jets will do what Buddy Ryan used to do to the Giants' Dave Meggett when he was so feared as receiver out of the backfield: blitz right at Johnson and make him block or just kill the QB with untouched rushers.

The Titans don't have a receiver worth locking down. But Revis' lockdown ability will free up extra blitzers from his side.

I tend to agree with a strategy like this. Part of the reason the Jets have been so successful early in the season is they have totally taken the opposition's best weapon away. They have to find a way to take Johnson out of this game. If he goes off, the Titans will win.