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Injury Updates

Donald Strickland and Lito Sheppard both sat out of practise today for the second straight day. Although Rex has not confirmed that they will not play on Sunday, with it being Thursday and them not having practised at all this week, there chances are looking even slimmer.

Marquice Cole was signed from the practise squad yesterday which seems to suggest that Rex is not holding out much hope of having one or both of the corners available on Sunday. We will have to wait for Rex's press conference to get more information and what chances these guys have of being out there on Sunday but right now it's not looking good.

Also Rich Cimini notes in his blog today that Mark Sanchez looked to be suffering from discomfort in his knee. He exaggerated plants, and extended his knee several times between snaps. Although he did note that we should not be worried about this. He was not wearing his knee sleeve that he usually wears for some unknown reason, and once the trainer came over, a elastic band knee support was provided.

In all likeliness he is fine, although with him under the microscope so much, it was worth mentioning that he was suffering with some discomfort. Again more will be know later on this evening, so remember to check back in a couple of hours.

Update- Rod Boone spoke to Lito Sheppard, and he said that he was hopeful that he can go Sunday although his status is still up in the air. He also tweeted that although Rex would not label Strickland as out, he 'doesn't think there is any way he will play Sunday'. So to sum up:

Strickland- Very doubtful to play

Sheppard- Hopeful