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Subway Super Bowl?

Wallace Matthews is not among those already thinking of an all New York Super Bowl:

You may even have read it already. No doubt, someone on sports-talk radio already has said it, or is saying it right now.

Well, I am not that someone. You will not read that here.

The Jets and Giants may well deliver on the promise of their excellent starts, but I wouldn't go booking that flight to Miami Beach just yet.

Four-and-oh is four-and-oh, no doubt, and - as the oft-quoted but rarely understood Bill Parcells liked to say - you are what your record says you are. The Jets and Giants, both winners of important games Sunday, are good football teams, and this may well turn out to be a special year in a town in which all too often, the football season ends before the baseball season does.

But anyone who would predict what will occur at the end of an NFL season based on its first two weeks is crazy. And not just crazy, but forgetful. And quite possibly uninformed.

Very good point. Right now the Jets are among the elite in the NFL based on their start, but we've seen how quickly that can turn around. It did on a dime last season, and that was much deeper into the year than we are now.