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Injury Updates and Other Snippets

Rex Ryan met with the media today for his usual Monday press conference and had some updates on the injuries sustained in yesterdays game.

Kris Jenkins is absolutely fine, he got winded pretty bad, and is very sore but he will practise with the team this week and barring any injuries occuring in training will be a go for Sunday.

Lito Sheppard has a quad injury although it's not expected to be serious. Apparently it was more cramping than anything else, and Sheppard blamed it on not hydrating enough before the game.

Donald Strickland who has had a excellent start to his Jet career has a right ankle injury and is questionable for Sunday's game. However he is going to be training this week if he can, and may well play.

Overall I think that everyone is expected to go with Strickland being the main question mark.

Revis shrugged off comments made by Randy Moss stating that Revis did not shut him down, and he had help over the top.

"There was no help," Revis said. "He was supposed to say that. Um, no. You've just got to show respect where it's due. If it's not your day on Sunday, it's not your day. My day might come where I get three touchdowns scored on me. That's just what it is. But you've got always just go back to the drawing boards and get it corrected and play the next week hard.

"We played a lot of Cover One. The only times we played Cover Two was in the fourth quarter because we didn't want to give up no big touchdown passes. But it was a good competition between us. I still respect him. I have nothing against Randy Moss. We won. We won. He had four catches for 24 yards. That's just what it is."

Rex Ryan stayed firm to his comments earlier in the day regarding the Michael Crabtree situtation, calling it ridiculous and completely false.

He also notified the media that after watching the game tape, the Jets managed to get 23 hits and pressures on Tom Brady yesterday which is just a staggering amount.

"We had to get pressure on him," Ryan said. "If you can bring three to get there, great. Four, five, six, seven, eight, whatever it takes, we thought we had to do that. You can't let Tom Brady be comfortable back there."

One final thing, don't forget to tune into the sports show live tonight here around 9:40 eastern time where our very own John will be a guest on the show.