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49ers Accuse Jets of Tampering With Michael Crabtree

The 49ers are accusing the Jets of tampering with holdout receiver Michael Crabtree.

The San Francisco 49ers, mired in a contract impasse with first-round draft pick Michael Crabtree, have filed tampering charges with the NFL against the New York Jets, the New York Daily News has reported, citing unnamed sources.

The Jets denied the allegations through a spokesman, the paper reported.

We'll let the NFL figure that one out," Jets coach Rex Ryan said Monday on "Mike and Mike in the Morning" on ESPN Radio. "I think it's ridiculous, personally."

According to the Daily News, specifics of the allegations weren't known.

"I wish we were playing them," Ryan said of the 49ers.


I guess blaming the Jets is the in vogue thing to do for franchises with receiver contract problems. First the Pats in 2006 with Deion Branch. Then the Broncos with Brandon Marshall last month. Now this. We'll have to see how this plays out.