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New York Jets Player Power Ranking: Week Two (Post Patriots)

Like last weeks that you can read here I have just completed the New York Jets player power rankings for week two of the NFL season. To see how players moved, quickly check out the order in the first article and then compare.

As always these are based purely on my own view point, so please feel free to leave comments in the section below with your own top 10 players.

The second weeks rankings will be mainly on today's performance but also with last week's in mind.

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Darrelle Revis- Cornerback (Last weeks ranking=3)

I found it difficult supplanting a quarterback who is a rookie and has started his career 2-0. However enough can't be said for Revis and his contribution to this team. I paid specific attention in the second half and he ran step for step with one of the most difficult receivers to cover. It's no mistake that Moss had a excellent game last week and Andre Johnson didn't. Andre Johnson had a excellent game this week and Moss didn't. Revis is earning his reputation as a shut down corner. Randy Moss had 4 receptions for 24 yards and nothing more. The Patriots tried moving him away from Revis because he was getting no luck. He also made a couple of excellent open field tackles.


Mark Sanchez- Quarterback (Last weeks ranking=1)

Everyone was screaming the same thing at half time. LET MARK THROW. We were pulling out hair out, a lot of runs, a lot of passes to the flats, and it was fooling nobody. We came out in the second half and let Sanchez go, completing a big pass down-field to Cotchery and then the ball to the back of the end zone to Keller. He had a TD pulled back, and rightfully so, and then should of done better finding Stuckey in the end zone. However for a rookie starting in only his second NFL game, to come out and beat the Patriots, can't ask much more from Sanchez. 14-22 for 163 yards a TD and no INT.


Dustin Keller- Tight End (Last weeks ranking=4)

Keller's blocking is still suspect, but he is still doing what he does best. Coming off a excellent game last week, Keller was quiet on the whole, but he scored the important touchdown that separates the two teams tonight. He made a nice double move, got to the back of the end-zone and Sanchez put it where only he could catch it. He did just that, brought his feet down in-bounds and sent a rapturous Meadowlands into hysterics. He finished the game with 3 receptions for 22 yards and a TD.


Kerry Rhodes- Safety (New entry)

Kerry missed out last week because he did nothing to catch the eye, but he was solid all the same. However after talking a good game this week, he really had to come out and prove himself, he put extra pressure on himself and he came through with flying colours. He led the Jets with 6 solo tackles and 2 assists. He put pressure on Brady on the blitz, his coverage was on the whole pretty good, and on 4th down with the game on the line he batted the ball down away from Galloway to secure the victory. Some might suggest that this is too high for a player who was not even ranked last week, but a lot of eyes were fixed on Kerry and I thought he delivered.


Donald Strickland- Cornerback (Last weeks ranking=9)

Yer that's right. I thought Strickland was superb today. That follows up from his big game last week causing the fumble. It is a pity that he got hurt because a game ball was definitely coming his way. He is a much better open field tackler than I ever thought, and the different between him and the players we had in his role last year speaks volumes. He finished with 6 tackles today, 4 solo and 2 assisted and he really stepped up to the plate, he hits hard, but he is also very smart, knows when to play aggressive and when to sit and play conservative which is not very often. I can already tell that he is going to be one of the unsung heroes this season.


David Harris- Linebacker (Last weeks ranking=2)

Let me just start this and say that Harris did nothing wrong, don't read too much into him dropping four places here. He was as solid as we can expect and I think I saw a little extra game planning in there to block him, he made some key stops when we needed him, and it's would be easy to put any of the defence in this situation, combining last week with this weeks however, he couldn't drop any lower than here.


Bart Scott- Linebacker (New Entry)

Six tackles for Scott today and he looked pretty damn good again. He was solid last week, solid again today, made a nice stop on a 3rd down play in the 4th I think it was. Really set the intensity of the defence, got called for a dubious personal foul that looked fine from one angle and completely ridiculous from another. Was always around the ball, talking up his team mates on the bench, setting the tone, pumping up the crowd. The atmosphere that he provides is just fantastic and I think the players really feed off his energy. Himself and Leonhard have that swagger and it's rubbing off on players.


Leon Washington- Running Back (New Entry)

Ok he had that fumble to begin the game that led to 3 points, but to me it looked like his knee was down, although it's completely understandable why they didn't reverse the play, no evidence. However his kick return to lead off the second half put the Jets in excellent field position and Sanchez exploited that to score. In fact thinking about it now, Leon should definitely be higher than this. In a game like this though, it's near impossible to get everyone placed where they should be because quite simply there were too many good performances. He ran for 58 yards, as well as receiving a couple of passes and making some nice moves.


Jerricho Cotchery- Wide Receiver (Last Week Ranking=8)

Now under any circumstances, you have a 87 yard receiving game you will be higher than 9th on the list. However like I said above there are just too many players having good games. He made the excellent play to start the 2nd half, and brought in some excellent catches. Sanchez looks comfortable going to him, and he looks comfortable being a number one receiver. Like many on this list who have fallen, he did nothing wrong, he looked pretty solid throughout.


Jim Leonhard- Safety (New Entry)

Anyone else really excited by this safety partnership, if Scott is the general of the linebackers then it seems to be that Leonhard is the general of the secondary. Always communicating, I saw him several times relating changes in the offence to the defence through hand signals and signs. He had 6 tackles on the game, and was around the ball, his solid play allows Kerry Rhodes to make other plays. He will be like Strickland a player that will go unnoticed a lot of the time, but make great contributions.

Honrable mention to the entire defence, the fans who were as loud as I have ever heard them. Stuckey was solid, in fact everyone was pretty solid today, this list was near impossible to generate with so many people performing.

Bottom line, Jets are 2-0 and we should fear nobody. Bring on the Titans.