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The Worst Fans puts together a list of the worst kinds of football fans. An obvious choice tops the list.

1. The I'm-so-drunk-I'm-going-to-topple-out-of-my-row fan: It's football. Beer is as integral to the sport as helmets, cleats and cheerleaders. Just don't go too far and get flagged for Alcoholic Interference

Also: those with small bladders? Sit on the aisles, please.

This actually doesn't bug me in and of itself. It's the guys who act like this around children. It keeps a game from being a family event. It's not even always drunk fans. There are sober people dropping f-bombs every other word with a seven year old sitting next to them. That just stinks.

2. The bandwagon fan: We know them too well. They're the ones with the Brett Favre Jet jerseys in the bottom of their closet this season.

Let's be fair here. Any diehard Jets fan with a Favre jersey won't be wearing it ever again. The point is well-taken though. I think the best example is New England Patriots fans. There are a bunch of loud arrogant fans, and the entire fanbase gets stereotyped as a result. The Pats have a lot of great and loyal fans who supported the team through lean years. Unfortunately these people suffer because of the association with bandwagoners.