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New York Jets Aren't Preparing for Michael Vick

Don't expect to see any special looks by the Jets against Michael Vick when they play the Eagles Friday night.

"You talk about a challenge," Jets coach Rex Ryan said Tuesday. "This is a rare athlete, a guy that's been a Pro Bowl quarterback for how many years and he's going to be playing in the second half of a preseason game. I hope we get up early on him and then kind of hold our breath there. Again, the key thing here is making sure that we do a good job evaluating our team, getting the right people on our final roster and not getting anybody hurt."

Ryan said there will not be a game plan for Vick. "We'll just play base defense and see what happens from there," he said.

Think about this for a second. The Eagles will probably test out the Wildcat formation with a throwing element. What opponent of the Jets will operate out of a similar scheme? It's the Miami Dolphins with Pat White. The Jets aren't going to give Miami any sort of film to tip how they'll defend White.

Miami will just have to digest the way Rex shut down the regular Wildcat last season.