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Things That Make Me Hopeful in Week 2

  • The obvious one, Mark Sanchez looked great last week. He appears composed beyond his years. He stood up to the pass rush and carried the offense.
  • New England had pass protection issues against a defensive front that isn't as tough to block as the one the Jets have.
  • It takes a long time to fully heal from a torn ACL, and Tom Brady's knee doesn't look like it is all the way back. He airmailed a lot of throws, which suggests he didn't fully have a base of strength under him.
  • Fred Jackson broke some big plays on the Pats, and Fred Jackson isn't Leon Washington.
  • While Leon played well last week, he didn't break any memorable plays. He's due for one.
  • Jerricho Cotchery has had some of his biggest games against New England in the past.
  • Rex Ryan is one of the few coaches in football legitimately capable of X'ing and O'ing with Bill Belichick.