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Things That Worry Me in Week 2

  • The Jets ALWAYS play the Pats tougher in Foxborough than they do in the Meadowlands. The Jets have an 8 game home losing streak to New England. Since that last win in 2000, they have 5 victories in New England.
  • The Jets played over their head last Sunday. This might end up being a really good football team, but we may never see every single thing go right the way it did against the Texans for a long time.
  • The Pats didn't look good against the Bills. You have to think they're better than what they showed. I mean they had pretty much none of their key players by the end of last season, and they still won 11 games.
  • This game is giving me a flashback to when I played Little League. My team was always in second place. There were innings limits for pitchers. The coach on the first place team always held his ace out of every other game so he could pitch the entire game against us. I feel like Bill Belichick was holding things back against the Bills he'll show against the Jets.
  • The offensive line struggled in run blocking last week. The Jets had to put it all on Mark Sanchez. You can do that against the Texans. You don't want to do that against the Pats.
  • Can the rookie maintain his emotions in his first home game against a bitter rival?
  • Tom Brady plays for the other team.