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Dukes: Trash Talking Is A Tradition


In his latest blog entry, NFL analyst Jamie Dukes finally said what many of us were thinking. Blame the media for the trash talking hub-bub surrounding this weekends game.

With the latest talk coming from Kerry Rhodes and Rodney Harrison, some have taken it all too seriously, and made a mountain out of a molehill. Like or or not, trash talking has always been a part of the game, will always be part of the game, and I would argue benefits the game as well.

Like John pointed out below, when was the last time there was this much excitement surrounding the Patriots coming into New Jersey? would this excitement be as intense if it were not for Rex Ryans words in the summer, and Kerry Rhodes words over the past 72 hours.

"From Babe Ruth calling his shot to Deion Sanders calling his shot to return a punt for a TD, trash talking has been a part of the fabric of sports. I direct my ire at the media, who make such comments out to be a violation of some sacred trust of civility. In actuality, trash talking is a time honored tradition whose sanctity has been violated by players being forced to talk to the media."- Dukes said

The main problem that I have with the media complaining about the talk and commenting on it in a negative light is the fact that the media are the ones who probe for some meaty quotes. Let's not forget that this all started with a Kerry Rhodes interview with the New York Daily News.

So don't turn your back on the trash talk, embrace it as a part of the modern, media orientated game.