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New York Jets Run Defense vs. New England Patriots Run Offense

The Patriots are a passing oriented team. In the first meeting between the teams last year, Kris Jenkins dominated the line, but New England did use Lamont Jordan late to pound at a tired Jets line to salt the game away. In the second meeting, the Pats abandoned the run game, opting to spread the field. Matt Cassel was their leading rusher, taking advantage of vacated space in the middle of the field when nobody was open. The Jets had one linebacker on the field so New England would send Kevin Faulk into the flat to run him off.

During that second game, the Pats went no huddle with their spread formations. The Jets did not want Kris Jenkins to wear down so they kept him on the bench. Jenkins dominated Dan Koppen in the first meeting between the teams and almost single-handedly shut down the run game early.

Even if they keep Jenkins off the field, I expect New England to use their running backs more in the passing game than to try and establish the run. Neither Laurence Maroney nor Fred Taylor had a major impact in the opener against Buffalo. Belichick isn't the kind of guy who attacks the opponent's strength with his weakness. Maroney scares me more. He's a talented back who hasn't really gotten a chance to show what he can do since a productive rookie season. He had a 100 yard game against the Jets in 2007. Sammy Morris might see some action also.

The one area I see the Pats looking to run the ball is on some draws to try and catch the Jets overextending on the blitz. With all the emotion that will be in the stadium tomorrow, it will be critical for defenders to stay in their lanes and not overpursue.