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No Doubt: Rex Ryan's Swagger Has Been a Good Thing

For a while, I haven't been sure what to make of Rex Ryan's cocky attitude. I never thought it was necessarily a bad thing. It generated a lot of headlines about how the Jets were overconfident, but it was all talk. What happened on the field was what really mattered.

I've changed my mind. I can't get over the buzz surrounding this game. I can't remember the last time the fan base was genuinely excited and expecting to beat the Pats. Just take a look at this site this week. Even last year with Tom Brady on the bench, we weren't sure exactly what we had in Brett Favre or what they had in Matt Cassel.

I expect the Meadowlands to be rocking early tomorrow. If the Jets lose, we'll hear plenty from the talking heads about how the Jets couldn't back up their talk. That misses the point. The thing to remember is this team and its fans are finally expecting to beat the Goliath to the North. One defeat won't change that. That's a very big thing for this franchise.