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Rodney Harrison Spars With Kerry Rhodes on Twitter

Even though he's retired and has turned to life as a "professional journalist," Rodney Harrison is attacking Kerry Rhodes through Twitter.

Kerry Rhodes is not really a tough guy, i saw him pass on plenty of tackles... i want to see what kind of game he brings Sunday.

@kerryrhodes Kerry, you talk big for someone who has yet to even win in the playoffs you think you will ever accomplish what i accomplished?

Kerry replied:

@Rodneyh37 r u playing sunday? i respect ur game but u crossed line. and i never talk smack u started it. i kno u respect my game! Tweet it!


@kerryrhodes I definitely respect your game on the field Kerry, but i didn't appropriate what you said about the Patriots its disrespectful.


@Rodneyh37 and i told u i respect ur game and u have flaws 2 lol. and so does ed reed! thats a given.


@kerryrhodes The talk about Brady's knees and promising to hit him more than 6 times is what hit a nerve did you ever come back from...a surgery like that? no wonder you have no idea what kind of impact your words have for certain players who went through rehab.


@Rodneyh37 see and thats my point i never ever said anything about hitting his knees! lol r u serious you know i dont play that way!


So a guy who isn't active anymore is talking trash on behalf of his former team. This reminds me of the guy who graduated high school but shows up at practices the next year with his varsity jacket. Harrison is trying to sell himself as a professional analyst. He shouldn't be doing the bidding of one team. Say what you will about me and the writers on this site. We're not hiding our motives. We're big Jets fans, and we have a big bias towards them. If Harrison wants to play these games and talk trash on behalf of his former team, he shouldn't try to portray himself as this objective analyst.

Harrison's also the last guy who should be calling another out on cheap shots. He was the king of the NFL's dirtiest player of the year award for a long time.

A lot of people around New England have rabbit years, but Harrison attacking Rhodes like this is a bit silly. What's so wrong with Kerry expecting to dominate? Maybe he didn't need to say it, but shouldn't he expect and strive to control the game? It's also one thing when Tom Brady says, "Talk is cheap." He at least is going to be on the field to try and back it up. Harrison is going to be watching from a studio in New York.