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Send Thanks To Favre For Keller Development

According to Dustin Keller and many other Jets player, the fast development of Keller can be attributed to future Hall Of Famer Brett Favre. Keller developed into Favre's favourite target down the stretch last season, and that came from constant communication and time spent watching film together.

"More than most people do. I think doing that extra film work and speaking about it a lot, that's why we had that good connection. He helped me a ton." Keller said

The crowning moment of Keller's rookie season came in his 87 yard game against the New England Patriots in the Jets OT victory 34-31 where he brought in some vital 3rd down completions, seemingly having the full trust of Fave in the most important areas of the game.

"When a Hall of Famer takes you under his wing like that and teaches you," fullback Tony Richardson said, "you can't put a price on that. Dustin is much further along by having a guy like Favre around last year."

So although we can joke about his inability to make a decision, we do have to realise that outside of the collapse that he will always be remembered for during his brief spell with New York, he did have positive effects that Jets fans could enjoy for many more years to come.

After watching game film of Keller last season, Tony Gonzalez, Atlanta Falcons tight end had just a quick message for Keller.

"Don't expect one-on-one coverage anymore"