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The Week 2 Super Bowl

The Jets aren't acting like their meeting with the Patriots this Sunday is a regular Week 2 game.

"We're going to be playing this game like it's the Super Bowl," nose tackle Kris Jenkins said yesterday.


Wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery said he doesn't expect Ryan's bravado to add any more competitive fire to the game than it will already have.

"I don't think (the Patriots) will like us any (less) than they do now," Cotchery said. "They don't like us at all. We're not too much worried about that at all.

"Of course (they don't like us), they're in our division. We're trying to win this division and anyone that's in the way of us trying to win is considered to be the enemy."


Good. This is more than just a regular game. The Pats are the stiffest competition. I know Miami won the division last year, but if we're honest, the East always goes through Foxborough. New England is the team that has dominated the Jets this decade.

Winning this game will require a tremendous effort. The Pats always bring their best shot to the Meadowlands. I expect a much better performance from them than they had against the Bills last night. It's going to require that kind of focus and intensity if the Jets are going to have a shot at pulling the upset.