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Rex Isn't Pleased With Vernon Gholston

Rex Ryan was not happy with the job Vernon Gholston did on Sunday.

"He played well at times," Ryan said, before urging Gholston to play with more fire and anger. "He did a lot of good things. He helped cause a number of hits on the quarterback. He was able to push the pocket a little bit. There were other times where I would have liked to see him jump on a pile. If there's a piece of fabric that you can hit before that guy is down, then go take a shot at him."


I can see where Rex is coming from. We might look at Gholston's performance and notice he improved. He didn't get totally dominated out there. He held his own on the line and was in the middle of a few plays. Rex sees a top ten pick with freakish physical tools. It's a guy he's spent a lot of time developing. He knows how much Gholston can bring if he just makes good on his natual talent. He hasn't done that. The Jets didn't take him just to hold his own. They brought him in to dominate games.