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Fantasy Focus: Week 1

Who to play:

Thomas Jones: The AFC's leading rusher is back. He has his All Pro fullback, and his offensive line all healthy. He's got a rookie quarterback, meaning a focus on the ground game and faces a subpar rush defense.

Leon Washington: Leon became Mark Sanchez's safety blanket in the preseason. Sanchez is being told to avoid mistakes and not lose the game. I'm guessing that means a lot of checking down to his backs, which could mean Leon will play a big role in the passing game.

David Clowney: He's my sleeper for the first week. The Texans don't have much secondary depth and might need their safeties to cheat up if the secondary doesn't do the job. Even if Clowney only makes a reception or two, it could be for a big impact due to his ability to stretch the field.

Who not to play:

Mark Sanchez: This is not an ideal spot for a rookie. I don't expect the Jets to put too much on him early, which probably means low numbers. Remember, Joe Flacco got off to a slow start in statistical terms last season.

Jerricho Cotchery: As the only proven wide receiver on the roster, I expect the Texans to focus on taking him away and forcing somebody else to step up.

Jets Defense: I think the defense has the potential to play well, but I think there are safer plays. This is a good offense, and two playmakers are suspended.