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Things That Worry Me in Week 1

  • Rookie quarterback making his first start on the road.
  • It feels like everybody has forgotten the blood on Brian Schottenheimer's hands for last season's collapse. The Jets refused to commit to the run even with a great offensive line and backfield. The Jets are saying all the right things about being a smash mouth team and involving Leon Washington in the offense more, but year after year we heard Paul Hackett would open up the offense. It never happened. Rex Ryan's been pretty vocal, but he's more focused on the defense and has given Schottenheimer a lot of rope on offense. I'm not convinced Brian will recognize the limitations of a rookie quarterback. He didn't see them in an injured quarterback approaching 40 last December.
  • Two players who recorded over a third of the team's sack total last year are suspended.
  • Lito Sheppard didn't look like much of an upgrade over Ty Law in the preseason.
  • To say the punter situation is unresolved is an understatement. It's important for teams based on defense and the running game to win the field position battle.