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David Clowney Is Ready

David Clowney appears confident as he writes in his blog.

I’ve made my mark in the preseason, now it’s time to put my stamp down during the regular season. Everything we did in the preseason was to get us ready for this. The team is definitely ready, guys at every position are working every day to get better, putting in extra work to make sure we do even the smallest things correct.

Sunday is when it will all pay off.

Houston hasn’t had Dunta Robinson all through the preseason so I haven’t really had an opportunity to study him. The rest of the guys there look decent but nothing that wows you. They’re probably saying the same thing about our receiver corps, that we’re all flying under the radar. That’s where we want to be, flying under the radar, so in the first game we can pop open some eyes and have people talking about us for real.

Clowney's great work in the preseason has mainly been against backups. Houston's secondary is in a state of flux right now, meaning David will be working against second string corners and an unspectacular safety group. He's a guy I would keep an eye on.

Houston doesn't have a very good run defense. I look for the Jets to establish the run to force the Texans to move the safeties up. This will create opportunities on the outside for Clowney to create a footrace and could lead to some huge plays.