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SNY Preview

Our friend Michael Salfino of SNY has a great preview up for Sunday's matchup between the Jets and Texans.

PREDICTION TIME: We'll judge how much faith the Jets have in Sanchez by how the offense comes out of the gate. If Washington and Keller are playing early, then you know the team thinks Sanchez is NFL ready. Of course, as I've been imploring for years now, Washington must get 15 to 20 touches from scrimmage every game. He's clearly the team's most dangerous weapon.

The Jets' receiving corps is not going to pull Sanchez along by making great plays. Jerricho Cotchery is adequate, but a weak lead receiver. Stack him up against a freak like Johnson and you see the range at that position.

I expect the Jets to be very conservative early with Sanchez in this first start. But this defense isn't going to dominate the Texans with its weakened pass rush now being led by Vernon Gholston, who continued to look like a bust in the preseason. Before the third quarter ends, Sanchez will be thrown into the deep NFL waters. That's just too much to ask.

Texans 23, Jets 17

Check it out. Salfino draws on a very wise source as he breaks down the Jets' chances running the ball against Houston. We surely hope our friend is wrong in the final outcome, but this is still a very worthwhile preview.