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Tannenbaum Takes Blame for Not Reporting Favre Injury

Mike Tannenbaum admitted error in the Jets not reporting a Brett Favre injury late last season.

-- New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum acknowledged Thursday he made a mistake handling Brett Favre's biceps tendon injury last season, and should have listed the quarterback on the team's injury report.

Tannenbaum and the Jets could face disciplinary action from the NFL for not listing Favre's torn biceps tendon on the weekly report following the injury with four or five games remaining. Tannenbaum said Favre should've appeared on the report as ''probable.''

''I'll take responsibility for that,'' he said. ''As the GM of this team, I should've handled that differently and listed him on the report. We didn't, just because he wasn't getting treatment every day and we knew he was going to play. But, looking back on it now, I should've listed him as probable, and we didn't, and I'll take responsibility for that.''

Tannenbaum called the league offices and spoke to Ray Anderson, the NFL's executive vice president of football operations, about the issue. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed the league is looking into the situation.

This would probably be a nonstory if the media wasn't looking for any angle to get Favre's name in the news. No team is totally honest with that report. Why does Tom Brady's shoulder appear on it every week? The league should probably slap the Jets on the wrist for getting caught, but a stiff penalty doesn't seem to fit here.