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Starters to Get One Series Against Philly

The starters should not expect much work against the Eagles.

Calling Thursday's preseason finale against the Eagles "vanilla football," coach Rex Ryan said the Jets starters will play "maybe just one series" in the final tune-up before the regular season opener.

"Don't expect a whole lot of blitzing," Ryan said. "It's just going to be line up and let's see who can play."

It's pretty standard for starters to spend most of the time on the bench. It's the last chance for them to rest before the physical demands of a 16 game in 17 week season.

The last preseason game is one of my favorites. It's a real chance to see no name players who might make have to step in because of injury at some point this season and see what they can do. We also get to see young developmental players who might be contributors in a few years but aren't quite ready to do anything right now.