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Marshall Faulk Compares Leon Washington to Barry Sanders

Marshall Faulk thinks Leon Washington has the same kind of playmaking ability as former Lions Hall of Famer Barry Sanders.

In an interview Monday, Faulk compared Washington's play-making ability to Barry Sanders, predicting the Jets will have a successful season if they get the ball into Washington's hands at least 15 times a game.

"I've been watching Leon since he wore No. 3 at Florida State," Faulk, an NFL Network analyst, said on a conference call. "I always felt the guy had a knack for when the football was in his hands, he was going to make a big play.

"I call it the Barry Sanders effect. Whenever they handed the ball to Barry, you knew something good was going to happen. Even if it was a two-yard gain, it was the best two-yard gain you've ever seen. Leon has a lot of that in him."

Here's what bugs me about the way the Jets have handled the contract situation. Yes, the CBA gives them a degree of leverage they might not otherwise have. If Washington gets a ton of touches this year, he'll have a breakout season as long as he stays healthy. Then he will end up commanding more money when the Jets are under the gun to get him a new contract.

It just doesn't make a ton of sense to me. The Jets have spent a ton over the last two offseasons on other teams' talent, but they haven't taken care of their most explosive homegrown talent.