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Mark Sanchez Works With First Team

For the first time all camp, Mark Sanchez opened with the first team in practice today.

Rookie Mark Sanchez opened this morning's practice working with the first-team, with Clemens running with the second team. The move, a bit of a shocker, comes on the heels of Sanchez's impressive performance in Thursday's Green and White scrimmage.

Sanchez, who took all of the first-team reps, went 10 of 19 with two touchdowns (40 yards to Jerricho Cotchery and 20 yards to Chansi Stuckey) and an interception (by who else by CB Darrelle Revis). Clemens completed four of 12 passes with an interception and two near interceptions.

Sanchez earned it with his great play on Thursday night. At this point, he is winning the job on his own merit, which is exactly what everybody wanted.